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<December 2014>

Town of the Week - Reykjavik

101 bar

Hverfisgata 10 (+354) 5800-101 Opening Hours The kitchen is open from 7 am until 11 pm. Breakfast is served from 7am until 10:30 am and until 11 am on weekends. Breakfast is not i... read more

The Rotten Shark

One of Lonely Planets “top pick’s”
11/8/11 09:57

 Picture taken from the website Photo by Goddur Seyðisfjörður is one of Lonely Planets “top pick’s” in Iceland. See   The long calm, deep fjord of&...

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Icelandair is cool
2/28/11 17:14

The staff of Icelandair takes it to the limit in the very entertaining video that will be premiered in 2011 annual ball. Without a doubt this will give the ball a loosed mood for the hardworking staff to relax and enjoy the day of, at least those that are not working. The song is "This is my life" by the Euroband in 2008.

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A helpful Tip


Over 80% of the icelandic population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church but few practice their faith regularly. The Lutheran church is part of the state and therefore there's is no seperati...

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Newest Reference

Camping sites - East

Great Campsite

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Hönnun og forritun: Annað veldi ehf

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