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Capital region, Reykjavik
1000 ISK pp
(+354) 568-6944

Sundlaugarvegur 32

Reykjavík Campsite is a five star campsite perfectly located appr. 3 km from the city center. The Campsite can accommodate up to 650 persons in tents, cabins, cars or caravans so it is almost impossible that you will not find a place to stay. Therefore reservations are not required and spaces are not held.

The Campsite is located in a green area in the city. Next door to the Campsite, you will find Iceland’s biggest geothermal swimming pool, a SPA and a very modern fully equipped gym. Apart from the campsite area there is a vegetated area divided by a small walking path leading to a botanical garden and petting zoo. And of course there are all necessities close at hand, i.e. grocery stores, bank with ATM, restaurants, the city buses etc, etc.

It only takes around 30 minutes to walk to the city center. It is a nice walk by the seaside. When you go out to the street from the Campsiste area on Sundlaugavegur, you turn to your left and walk straight ahead untill you get to a big crossing. Then you turn to your right across a big traffic street and that will get you to a very nice walking path by the sea. That will take you straight to the city center.

Season: may 15th - sept 15th

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